Call for evidence

Closed 31 Jan 2020

Opened 14 Oct 2019

Feedback Updated 28 Aug 2020

We Asked

We asked to hear people's views and experiences of Scotland's forensic mental health services. 

You Said

We received 103 responses. 56 were from organisations. 14 were from individuals who had experience of receiving forensic mental health services or who wanted access to them. 15 were from individuals supporting people who had experience of the services or who they felt should have access to them. 15 were from individual staff members working in forensic mental health services. 3 were received from interested individuals.  

We received over 200 other pieces of written evidence. 

As not everyone wanted, or was able to respond in writing, we did a series of visits to secure hospital wards and units to gather the voice of lived experience and operational staff. During these visits we spoke to nearly 300 people and collected their views. 

We Did

We looked through all the evidence that was provided to the review to identify the key themes and issues that people told us about. We published a summary of the evidence as an interim report which you can read here.

If you have any comments on this report, you can submit them here until October 31st 2020.

The Chair will now use the evidence that people submitted to consider recommendations for changes to Scotland’s forensic mental health system.

The review is expected to publish its final report in January 2020.


This public call for evidence is being made to help inform the Independent Review into the Delivery of Forensic Mental Health Services. The Review has been asked to look at the delivery of forensic mental health services across hospital, criminal justice and community settings in Scotland. 

Forensic mental health services specialise in the assessment, treatment and risk management of people with a mental disorder who are currently undergoing, or have previously undergone, legal or court proceedings. 

The Review will make recommendations for changes and improvements. It will publish and present a report to Scottish Ministers by June 2020.


The Scottish Government commissioned this Review in recognition of a number of changes and developments in the delivery of forensic mental health services in recent years. These include the decline in the number of people detained in levels of high security at the State Hospital, the development of medium secure services, the introduction of appeals against conditions of excessive security and plans for a new Child and Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Service. 

The Review’s scope is wide ranging. The full list of issues the review has been asked to consider is in its Terms of Reference.

The Review will not consider individual clinical decisions. 

You can find out more about the Review here.

Why We Are Consulting

The Review has been asked to make recommendations to improve the delivery of forensic mental health services in Scotland. It can only do this if it takes into account a broad range of views and evidence about how these services are delivered and experienced. 

The Chair of the Review, Derek Barron, now wants to hear from any individual or organisation with relevant experience, knowledge and views. 

This call for evidence is open until the 31 January 2020

You can: 

- Give us your views online by clicking below.

- Or, you can download a copy of the call for evidence here and return it to us at: 

  • Secretariat,
    Independent Review into the Delivery of Forensic Mental Health  Services,
    Room GE.19,
    St Andrews House,
    Regent Road,
    EH1 3DG


This Review knows that not everyone will be reached by this call for evidence. This call forms only part of the wider work that the Review is doing to gather views from individuals using these services, their carers and families, and people and organisations who are delivering, commissioning, and monitoring these services. If you wish to give your views in another way, please contact the Review team. 

The Review’s Privacy Policy tells you what the Review will do with any personal information you provide as part of your response, how it will ensure that that information is kept securely and what rights you have to obtain and review any personal data the Review team hold. 

What Happens Next

The Review team will analyse all the information made available to it, including responses to this call for evidence. It will use this to develop and discuss recommendations for improvements and change with stakeholders before finalising a report in June 2020.