Review's Interim Report - What People Told Us

Closes 31 Oct 2020

Opened 28 Aug 2020


In August 2020,  the review published an interim report summarising the evidence it gathered between September 2019 and March 2020. 

You can comment on this report here. 

The review’s scope is wide ranging. The full list of issues the review has been asked to consider is in its Terms of Reference. You can find out more about the Review here.

Why We Are Consulting

The review’s call for evidence ran between 14 October 2019 and 31 January 2020.  We received 103 responses and over 200 other documents.  The Chair also met with over 300 people receiving and delivering forensic mental health services across Scotland. 

The report brings together the key issues and challenges in forensic  mental health services in Scotland as they are experienced by the people receiving and delivering them.  The review is not recommending solutions in this report. Its aim is to let people know what the review was told.

You can find the report here on the Scottish Government website.  You can also download the Full Report, its Executive Summary and an accessible Easy Read version using the links at the bottom of this page.

The review welcomes any comments you have to make on this report. These will be considered as part of the work the review is now doing to consider recommendations for any changes to the delivery of Scotland’s forensic mental health services.

The Review’s Privacy Policy tells you what the Review will do with any personal information you provide as part of your response, how it will ensure that that information is kept securely and what rights you have to obtain and review any personal data the Review team hold.