We Asked, You Said, We Did

We asked

We asked to hear people's views and experiences of Scotland's forensic mental health services. 

You said

We received 103 responses. 56 were from organisations. 14 were from individuals who had experience of receiving forensic mental health services or who wanted access to them. 15 were from individuals supporting people who had experience of the services or who they felt should have access to them. 15 were from individual staff members working in forensic mental health services. 3 were received from interested individuals.  

We received over 200 other pieces of written evidence. 

As not everyone wanted, or was able to respond in writing, we did a series of visits to secure hospital wards and units to gather the voice of lived experience and operational staff. During these visits we spoke to nearly 300 people and collected their views. 

We did

We looked through all the evidence that was provided to the review to identify the key themes and issues that people told us about. We published a summary of the evidence as an interim report which you can read here.

If you have any comments on this report, you can submit them here until October 31st 2020.

The Chair will now use the evidence that people submitted to consider recommendations for changes to Scotland’s forensic mental health system.

The review is expected to publish its final report in January 2020.